中學記者 24-06-200401:01 pm#1

Dearest all of you,

Please forgive me that I've typed things which I criticized other people.
Although I didn't type much in this forum, but I feel very sorry about my
friends' (including those in other classes) criticism of teachers and classmates.
Some of you are right, we shouldn't criticize each other in the same class
but unite. We should see things from the good side but not the bad side.
I know that all of you have a generous heart, if so, please accept our
apologize to all of you, especially those we have criticized.
The final thing I want to say is: "WE WON'T BE BACK!!!"

Yours sincerely,
As a member of 2B
中學記者 24-06-200401:01 pm#2

i argee with u !!!!!
中學記者 24-06-200401:01 pm#3

who agree with you?
中學記者 24-06-200401:01 pm#4

I know that it is not right to criticize people like this .
I think I have been mad in those times .
I should be considerate and respect others.
I hope the others who are still doing this kind of silly things should stop and think about
what they have done .
I'm really ashamed of my behavior.I hope others should ce ashamed too .
After you read this essay,
if you wan't to change and stop being so silly,
you should stop!浪子回頭!
You may E-mail to me if you want,
we can discuse the problem!

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