Grost Head.........

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It happened to my uncle and his friend about four or five years ago. They had been drinking, then went back his friend's house,actually it is a farm in Yuen Long. They slept in a lory(coz they like to make it as a house) At that night my uncle really couldn't sleep well, but his friend slept as a pig. then about at four o'clock in the morning, my uncle heard some noise outside the door and he tried to wake his friend up, asked him" is it someone come back?" but his friend didn't answer him, he was in deep sleeping. then my uncle went to open the door. WHEN THE DOOR OPENED, HE JUST SAW A BODY HOLDING HER HEAD ON HER HANDS. my uncle banded the door and woke his up, left there immediately.

It is a truth story, until now he is still frigtened.

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three possibilities here:
1)he's drunk and feeling dizzy
2)actually he didn't see was just a dream
3)that woman wants to show your uncle her brand new head that she bought that night
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He shouldn't scare. He should asked him " Oh ! holding your head? Is it heavy?"
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I think he is drunk
maybe just someone holding a ball or something else
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To big mouth , i think if uncle really asked like this , she (The ghost )may said "i shall give you a chance to hold your own's!!!
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