S Club 7

中學記者 21-06-200404:08 pm#1

Did anybody heard this songs?

They are great !!

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中學記者 21-06-200404:09 pm#2

S Club 7 is their group name!!
one of their song called "S Club Party"!!

but i don't think they are good!!
in US or Australia , there are too many this kind of groups!!
eg. Backstreet Boy, Five, Boyzone!!
中學記者 21-06-200404:09 pm#3

which MTV is annoying???
中學記者 21-06-200404:09 pm#4

I also think they are great!!!
do you know their series "S club 7 in Miami" broadcast again at 1.00p.m.
on every Sat. ar??
Hope everyone who likes S club 7 can watch this~~
it's very funny ga~~~~

in S club 7,i like Rachel most~~
中學記者 21-06-200404:09 pm#5

I mean... they really dont sing very well..... but I think one of the bird was so fit... gorgeous!
中學記者 21-06-200404:10 pm#6

of course yes la
I alway hear that song on the TV (in Toronto)
did u saw the MTV??
is pretty cool
中學記者 21-06-200404:10 pm#7

yes that annoying mtv....
very annoying......
中學記者 21-06-200404:10 pm#8

yup yup, I think so!
中學記者 21-06-200404:10 pm#9

有無人知香港邊度有佢地 single"two in a million" 賣?
中學記者 21-06-200404:10 pm#10

I think Jon is v good.
小彤 11-01-200701:14 pm#11

我鐘意佢地o既 I've never had a dream come true.

Everybodys got something they had to leave behind,
One regret from yesterday that seems to grow with time,
Theres no use lookin back or wondering,
How it could been now or might have been,
all this i know , but still i cant find ways to let u know,

I never had a dream come true,
Til the day that i found you,
Even though i pretend that i've moved on youll allways be my baby,
i never found the words to say,
Your the one i think about each day,
And i know no matter where life takes me to
a part of me will allways be with you

Somewhere in my memory ive lost a sense of time
And tomorrow could never be
cause yesterday is all that fills my mind
and theres no use lookin back or wonderin
How it should be now or might have been
all this i know but still i cant find ways to let u go

Youll always be the dream that fills my head
Yes u will say u will u know you will oh baby
Youll allways be the one i know ill never forget
Theres no use lookin back or wonderin
because love is a strange and funny thing
No matter how I try and try
i just cant say goodbye
No No No No

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