Love Hina ending??

中學記者 21-06-200405:37 am#1

oh man, i just read the love hina chpt 122... its so great!
go check it out at

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中學記者 21-06-200405:38 am#2

Oh no, Love Hina 真係完啦﹖ 我唔想噤快呀, 得14期噤少~~~~
中學記者 21-06-200405:38 am#3

actucally he should end it long time ago... after konoko came out, the story itself just going downhill... at least it pick it back up at the end. hopefully it will be a super ending ^_^
中學記者 21-06-200405:38 am#4

噤又係, 如果個故事拖得太長, 時時都“三福皮”, 反而破壞o左個故事o既完整性.. 希望 wonderful ending 啦~﹗
中學記者 21-06-200405:38 am#5

~~~>_<~~~ (<< tears of joy)
i just finish reading the love hina ending (japan version)
couldnt stop laughing and its so cool~~~~~~
haaa haaa~~~
中學記者 21-06-200405:38 am#6

Yeah,,, I just read it too,, 完啦。。 Love Hina 完啦。。。。。。。 >_<
中學記者 21-06-200405:39 am#7

Ahh, I don't know whether you know or not, those "stiry" in that web pages are NOT offical story. In another word, it is not the proper ending, fans of Love Hina made them up. I have nothing going against them, cause I like the stories as well
中學記者 21-06-200405:39 am#8

the one i got is offical japan version and first look from the weekly magenize..... ~~>_<~~

anyway waiting for the offical chinese translation one
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