Any One Likes 2000 Subaru 2.5RS ??

中學記者 20-06-200408:20 am#1

hi hi, i've seen the new 2000 Subaru 2.5RS in my place. i think it's hecka
tight !!! i have an 87 corolla (ae-82) and a 91 MR2.
and i sold my corolla recently. the MR2 is 2 seater, and i think i need to
pick up my friends often, so, seats are truely not enough. and now, i wanna
buy the 2.5RS, umm..... 4 dr looks good...
yeah.... thx for reading...^_^"

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中學記者 20-06-200408:20 am#2

I will wait until EVO VII release and see which one is better.
中學記者 20-06-200408:20 am#3

unfortunately, i heard that mitsubishi will not be making any more street legal versions of LanEvos, they will only make them for racing use
中學記者 20-06-200408:20 am#4

Are ya sure? it's a bad news....
中學記者 20-06-200408:20 am#5

I heard that it will be released pretty soon
I'm looking forward for it
中學記者 20-06-200408:20 am#6

The 2.5 RS is pretty SUCKY~! so don't buy it~
the only good for Subaru is WRX, I've raced a 2.5RS and win
him by 10 cars think b4 u buy~
Oh my car is Type S prelude~

Also the EVO VII is going to release and the price is only
$220000....i want one~
中學記者 20-06-200408:20 am#7

umm....actually, the 2.5 RS is the same thing as WRX.....
u.s. ppl call it 2.5RS, asian ppl call it WRX....
well, ur type s prelude has 200hps, rite? and the 2.5 has only 160hps without
中學記者 20-06-200408:21 am#8

First of all, i have a RS here!!!
and i don't think u should compare that 2.5 RS with your HONDA prelude. Since yours is a FWD and mine is a AWD. DIfferent kind of drive train. and u'll know the differents when u do the canyon driving, and hard cornering. nothing can beat AWD on the corner.

anyway, i have a friend did a JDM STI engine swap on his RS in US here. and it is fast as hell, easily past those M3.
Prelude is a good car, but it does not suppose to compare with a N/A 2.5 RS!!!

and response to your answer, NO, WRX is WRX. RS is RS. WRX is the 2.0L turbo engine, it is the 2002 model in US. RS is the 2.5L N/A, it is the previous model. 98-99 160hp, 00-01 165hp.

中學記者 20-06-200408:21 am#9

yeah ...... WRX =/= RS.
FWD =/= AWD =/= RWD .......
It's hard to compare. I'd like the WRX in US (performance), but on the body styling .... RS is better ^_^
中學記者 20-06-200408:21 am#10

hey, thanks Jason!!!
that's what i'm talking about. different categories!!!

中學記者 20-06-200408:21 am#11

perlude sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 又貴又癈.... 好心唔好咱X黎講啦...
我真係好想知你點win by 10 car space呀.. drag race呀..
drag race is for queer..
你要知道2.5rs 同prelude係 係scca入面係同一個class..
唔該酥relude果位人兄收皮啦.. 識少少..扮代表
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