2000 Celica

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Actually I got a 2000 Celica, but I think GT-4 is the best
model Celica ever released. It's too bad I cannot get a
band new GT-4. The question why 2000 Celica is different
from the previous gernerations is becuase the new Celica is
designed in California, USA, but not from Japna Toyota
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Celica 2000, of coz it's the best....if u wanna find out more about it
go to 請按這裡
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Hey..I still think the old model like the 95 was way cooler than the new one.
'coz the 2000 one is too small, too girly looking and the tail look is just not cool!
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Yes ar
I alway saw it because my friends just buy one(In Toronto)
and there have a lot of 2000 Celicas in Toronto too
but I like the Prelude and S2000 more than Celica
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YEAH RIGHT! Celica sucks! the only think that's good about it is the hp and
styling, how good a car can get when it is an f/f(front engine, front wheel drive)
it may be good if u use it for a quick race, but it gets it **************** kicked in any endurance
race because the front wheels would have too much pressure...
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution are the best!!!
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For Celica, i do prefer the 86 ' model Celica.
The next generation is good too. But the
2000 Celica, I think it lost what Celica should have,
the style and performance are different from the past
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I'm the 2000 celica owner in US ..
the US version just only 180hp on GTS model, and the GT model only 145~150hp ... It is pretty popular in here. It is not that small or girly in my opinion ....

US celica club web page.
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yeah, that GTS is fast!!!
anyway, still a FWD

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FW .....yeah .... is not that good .... but you know la ...In US .... Toyota just one have few model can be chosen. Supra, Celica, Camry, Corolla and lots of SUV and Truck .... I think celica is the good one after Supra have been stopped making in Toyota.
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i would buy a used Supra instead. great car for highway driving, running 130mph still like 80mph......
and the price is good now.

otherwise, Matrix would be a great choice if u want more rooms...

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Yeah! That's right. Actually, I might trade it with my celica. It's depend how much will it run for.....
I like Matrix, but it's same Engine, same HP, but just more roomly with AWD as my 2000 celica.

IMO, a car with under US$25000, 180 hp, 6 speed, etc. That's a pretty good enough. ^_^

I have driven my 2000 celica to 132 mph (~210 km/h). I just have intake and exhaust mods so far, but no any spring or suspension mods. That's still very stable. I don't really feel I'm at that speed hehe.
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yeah, i heard a friend he was going 150mph on his celica too......
six speed, pretty good for a 1.8 engine.

but for 25000, i'll definitely buy a WRX!!!
i mean why not, Turbo and AWD!!!!
that's a great deal right???

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The time I bought my 2000 celica .... WRX still not out yet .........poor me .... If so, I probably go for it, WRX.

150 mph ? Can it be ? I tried harder and harder .... still not ever pass 135 mph. 6 gear @ almost redline 7900 rpm .....
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