Any Place For Test Drive~? ^o^

中學記者 20-06-200407:56 am#1

I own a Porshce in L.A, my speed record is 167mph / 265km. Now I wanna buy a car in HK, like GTR, Lancer or maybe Siliva and I'll I waup grade it also. But first wanna know where that I could test drive up to 180km in HK~? Any one like cars & racing(No matter legal or illegal) I'll still wanna meet some of u guys, I only have few friends in HK. Contact me then, I'm 19 (icq 29481686).
中學記者 20-06-200407:56 am#2

what's up LA man. i'm from hk too, but live in sacramento now.
so, what kinda porsche u own? and for the test drive of hk, it depends on
what kinda road u wanna test. u play straight road? or u like curvy?
so..u just wanna test how fast ur car can go rite?
well, my friends in hk, mostly on friday midnite, at Sai Kung... there're some
straight roads...
but u know what, i think u can get in the old international airport ....haha..
well...what i lastly can tell u is, there must be a lot of straight roads u can take
test drive in New Territories.....see ya
中學記者 20-06-200407:56 am#3

hey, i'm in LA too.........
what kind of porches u have???
can i test drive it?? i never drive a porche before!!!
we can meet somewhere???

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