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中學記者 20-06-200407:52 am#1

I want to change my car BMW(1995 325i)
what will u guy suggest??
must be 4 door and auto
BMW328i JettaVR6 BenzC280 IS200 or IS300...........??

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中學記者 20-06-200407:52 am#3

BMW change ......
Audi A4 ? It's on sale now
Or simply trade a BMW 328i ?
How about Lexus GS300 ?
中學記者 20-06-200407:53 am#4

Actually I like Europe car
and my friend already have a A4
I don't want have a same car with him
maybe I will trade a 328i or C280
and I'm in Toronto, not in HK
forget to tell u
中學記者 20-06-200407:53 am#5

Toronto? Cool! I'm in Toronto too! U prefer European cars, rite?!
How about ML320?? But if u like sports car, 4 doors....then maybe C36.
中學記者 20-06-200407:53 am#6

r u just gonna trade?? coz we have to no how much $$ u got, my personal
suggestion would be audi TT, then u and ur friend would be the "audi brothers"
(pretty gay)...
or s2000...
both the TT and S2000 are about the same price as ur ride's
there are certainly lots of great cars out there...not just the two i mentioned
but y u wanna trade ur bmw n e way??
中學記者 20-06-200407:53 am#7

you could wait for the 2001 C32,it's pretty cool,6 speed manual,i guess it can fight against M3
中學記者 20-06-200407:53 am#8

I already buy a new one
is BMW 328ci
I like it better
thxs for so many suggestion
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