Corolla 2002 VVT-i engine

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i am looking for air intake for my corolla. I though an air intake thur ebay, and it does not fit. My tech guy said it was good for corolla 2002 non vvti engine. The ebay seller said it could fit for all 2002 model, got tricked. I am living in Toronto, is there anyone can give me some information?


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well, i added the tower bar, manufacture body kit, and glow face only.

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Got any picture? Which model do you have? I would suggest you to add the K&N drop-in filter only. Check on You will find many Corolla owners. Ask them for opinion. Do not buy the cheap air intake, some of them will down grade your performance. If you really like to add it on, buy either K&N, AEM, or ICEBURG.
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right now, i am planning to get ground wire and spark wire for my corolla. And no, i do not have any pictures for my car. Coz I just add it on recently.

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Let me know the different after you install the ground wires. I saw it on the magazine for long time but I am not sure it is really worth. About the spark wires, why replace? Your car is only 2 years old. I am pretty sure you will not see the different after you upgrade it. I had a Celica GT 9 years ago. I replaced many parts other than stock's. I found out it is just a waste of money. You will not gain any performance by upgrading a spark plugs and wires.
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i am not quite sure, but my brother installed ground wire and spark wire for his 97 CRV, and he said he can feel the performance boosted a bit. That's why I planned to try.

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OK, his 97 CRV was time to replace but not yours. If I mod my car, I would first invest $ on the tires and lighter wheels. Then the computer.
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few years ago, i drove my corolla on snow, and slipped and hit on shoulder, i believed there was something wrong. Because when i drive it on highway, the steeling has little shacking now.

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It happened few years ago, and you never fix it!?
The reason why it is shacking because of the damage of the front wheel(s). Your front wheels (the rear wheels don't need!) need to do "balance". The "balance" should cost less than US$7.00 per wheel.
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well, i just did the balance for the rim, but i believe there is a damage on the rim. Maybe get a new rim asap.

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You have 15" rims? I purchased a set of TSW rims for my Civic last month. Very good deal ~ $400 with tires. Check out If you buy from them, do not buy it online. Call their 800 number to place an order, you may get a better deal than their web site.
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No, I mean still using manufacture steel rims, and it is just 14", i may go to get 16" one. However, I cannot buy anything from states, coz the import taxes are terrible high, as much as the cost of the product itself.

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o ... too bad
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i guess, i can get cheaper, if i drive my car to states and install it, instead of buy it from net.

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and gas too ... lol
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