中學記者 20-06-200406:03 am#16

NEVER think that Englang will enter final eight la
reasonable result that England lost
中學記者 20-06-200406:04 am#17

u are right, they are not resonable to win
中學記者 20-06-200406:04 am#18

yes, never thought they were gonna win or going into the
final!! but still, thought that they would qualify ka ma!!
they only need to draw, but........
中學記者 20-06-200406:04 am#19

If Hagi was there, England maybe draw, even win!

Hagi is important in the team, but he is too slow, speed down the pace of the match as well. Still, I like Romania more compare with England.

But now, both teams can join us to watch the remain games in front of TV, ha ha...

What do your think? Who will go to final?

Holland, more than 80%, cos Italy got strong defence power, but offence power... only 2:0 in front of Turkey?
France got little more chance than Portugal, but the problem of Frence came out again last night, which is forward can't score, Henry and Dugarry.
Henry was easy to mark, also Dugarry played very well on the left hand side but he just trying to push to the bottom and centre by his left leg, never tried to push to his right hand side and go back to middle, made his trial was easy to catch.

Personally, Zidane played very well in the middle. His ability must over Rui Costa. French got to care just because Portugal got too many "killers", doen't like Spainish have Raul only.
中學記者 20-06-200406:06 am#20

why do you say that ar??
so unfair la!! like england is fxxking british dog, then
like the others must be fxxking ?? dog!! eg. fxxking italian
dog la!!
中學記者 20-06-200406:07 am#21

i refer British players (who lack skill, and do all the unhuman things , like
taking AV, (refer to Rio Ferdinand and Co), also beckham, who middle u
English fans.... I refer them as dog

whil i refer those ppl who blindly say england is good good good, as colony's
dog, ... They play ***************** football, **** tactics, **** skill, lose to portugal and then romania
its a **** tem, those ppl still blindly say they are good or say English league is
good, are colony's dog.. englishmen are the most fxxking ppl in the world, if u have a bit
of sense, u would not support them, unless u are a Colony's dog
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