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England crushed out of Euro 200 after
conceding a late penality, have been outplayed
by Romania and contriving to throw away a 2-1
half-time lead.
Goals by Shearer pen 40, Owen 45
Chivu 22, Munteanu 48, Ganea 89
So what do you think of the result then??

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中學記者 20-06-200406:01 am#2

Yeah! England should be out la... This year I think France must win!!
中學記者 20-06-200406:02 am#3

oh don't say that!! cos i like england wor!!!
i know they were playing rubbish, and knew
they were not gonna win, but still disappointed
for them la!!!
中學記者 20-06-200406:02 am#4

Offence football is the trend all around the world, strong team of course got great offensive power, but weak team like Slovenia / Turkey never stay back.

Slovenia just lack of goal luck, they did many shoot, but...

Turkey proved offense football is important. The match Turkey vs Italy, Italy didn't got absolute advantage. But the key of offense football is mid-field need to be strong. Nowadays, those players starts to defense at the mid-field instead of the penalty area. Portugal did very well on this area so far.

For champion, France is sharp, but Portugal is a "black horse". Italy, defence good, but goal ability not good, maximum 2 goals a game, Romania did 3 goals 2 times even the average age is high, Hagi, 1 for 2.5 player, even no power to run, passing power + accuracy still over 90%.

My guess for semi-final:
Portugal (Hagan Suker of Turkey have no supply from mid-field, die)
Romania (Italian missing Vieri, F. Inzachi old, S. Inzachi not mature enough - got speed only)
France (Balance on 3 lines, Raul of Spain, the only focus, if Morentes here will be better)
Holland (Yugoslavian were tired for the previous games already, Norway can stand for Yugo's attack, lack of luck only, so Hollanders does + stronger offence power)

I will back on Monday.
中學記者 20-06-200406:02 am#5

Ha Ha HA
Romaina did not go through, they can beat England, but lost 2- 0 to Italy,...

don't say romania had chances,, when Germany lost to england, they got even more chances thean England
even without Bierhoff....

F Inzaghi is not old, he is still 26....S Inzaghi did not go to Euro2000,
so even if he is not mature, (eg, not as mature as Lambard, Rio Ferdinand
Dyer..., they are very mature, they 3 English gentlemen produce their own AV)
S inzaghi will not affect the current semi-finaliast, Italy.. I am so surprised, u
even dare to write that
中學記者 20-06-200406:02 am#6

Frankly, I really don't know S. Inzachi not in the team, cos he played well in the league and got many important goals during important games, I do apologise!

Who's you want to see but didn't shown up in Euro2000?
Of course not those players who is not European.
Me? I want to see Van Nistelrooy from Holland, I think if he was here yesterday, Yugoslavia at least loss 3 more goals. Sad to him, can't transfer to Man. U.
中學記者 20-06-200406:02 am#7

agree agree la!!!
van nistelrooy is real good la!!
really sad that he can't transfer to man utd ar!!
中學記者 20-06-200406:02 am#8

Ok man!

What do you think about the match tomorrow? France or Portugal?

I hope they draw and goes into "Golden Goal" during extra time.

Still hard to say who got better chance, cos both of them still haven't played with a strong offensive power team before the coming match
中學記者 20-06-200406:02 am#9

agree agree!!!
Portugal and Holland!!!
That's the two I like!!
中學記者 20-06-200406:03 am#10


中學記者 20-06-200406:03 am#11

i don't know about tonight, but as i am watching portugal
now, they are winning 2:0!! good for them!!!
yeah!! i hope Romania will beat Italy la!!!
中學記者 20-06-200406:03 am#12

Anyway, England very disappointed, too conservative.

Ince got experience, but power down cos he is old, doesn't like Matthaus / Hagi. Keegan should use Wise instead.

Shearer should go home, Fowler is better. Owen no chance any more, he did play well at France 98 cos no one knew about him and looked him down, now people mark him well like Raul, no space to take chance. Phillips may not be a good choice, but the record from the league shows he attemps to shoot a lot. At least, better than Heskey. Just see the match of Liverpool during the league, Owen / Heskey, no way!

If Mc Manaman is not injuried, he should be in the middle of mid-field, he got technique to hold the ball, may be right-side. Put Beckham in the middle to pass, stay by the side without speed = useless. See Man U. always attack from middle or left, cos Giggs got speed and technique, if Keane retired, Beckham should move to middle.

I used this formation in Winning Eleven 4, proved that attacking power up than original form. Of course real life maybe different, but Keegan don't even a try in friendly matches.

What do you think?
中學記者 20-06-200406:03 am#13

very very agree la!! Keegan should have tried out more in
the friendlys la!! not just Shearer all the time!! but
anyway, he's OUT now!! so that's ok!! i think Fowler should
be the one to replace him!! Owen has speed and a bit of
skills, but that's it!! you can't always expect to have a
good ball in for him to run and score ka ma!! Heskey is good
sometimes, cos he's big, tall and strong!! unlike owen and
fowler, thin and short!! but he's too clumsy!!! should tried
out Phillips more la, he could scored that many goals in the
league wor!! keegan only gave him 1 or half a match to prove
very agree to you la!! when keane retired, Beckham should go
into the middle la!!!
中學記者 20-06-200406:03 am#14

Yeah, u are right, i think u REALLY know football

cos u know which team should go home
and Eat Banana

they are called england
中學記者 20-06-200406:03 am#15

I really hope this Euro 2000 campaign has really brought to light the extremely
low quality of the premiership and its best players! England are and
embarrassment! They were completely outclassed in all their games. Even
Germany should have beaten them....all this ridiculous talk about how great
Beckham, Campbell, Owen etc are is utter rubbish....I have said all along
playing against Oldham, Bradford, Wimbledon and the rest is one thing....but up
against the best of the best, English soccer was proven to be very
mediocre....The last place Milan should be looking for talent is in he
premiership.....not one of their players can make a decent pass! Long ball,
long ball, long ball....English teams play on the ground????? They cannot even
string two good passes together over the 3 games they played!!!!.....Italy on
the other hand have been clinically and methodically taking apart the
opposition....a defence that is looking as strong as any in the
competition....Neville? the worst full-back I've seen!

Italy's youth have won the trophy...the senior team has a 100% record....England
are returning home as complete clowns. I don't think there is any further
doubt...Lui Figo IS the Best right-sided payer in the world. Beckham? well i
feel sorry for him for all the stick he has taken...but to be truthful...he once
again has proven that he is a premiership great! That's it...he would be the
biggest, most expensive flop whenever he decides to move to a real league!!!

England???? They're a joke!

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