Football violence

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YES, I am talking about the Galatasary v Leeds utd. incident at Turkey.
2 Leeds fans were killed. I think racism is involved.....
If you are offered to watch your favourite team in any European countries....
Will you go? remember, there are risks that the same things happens
to the 2 Leeds fans would be happening on you, mate! I think 9 out of 10 would
give me 'NO' as their answer......
ANTI-VIOLENCE!!!! ANTI-RACISM!!!!! They should not happen in the greatest
sport on the planet! If you agree, please give me reply and support! THX!

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中學記者 20-06-200405:42 am#2

I have been talking over and over again, English Fans are the
most fxxking ppl in the world, they are trouble makers..

In turkey's event, what i read in newspaper is, its the english fan who started
the fire.....

In Euro2000, the fxxking england fans made trouble again, they are as
nasty (and loudly) as HK's england fan
中學記者 20-06-200405:42 am#3

i'll give you a 'yes' to your question. i don't need to let people know i am a fan.
I can just go there like other tourists and stay out of trouble, then that'll be ok
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