True Love In ICQ?!

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我成日online, 所以都有些男生主動send message俾我, 但每次最先既問題係: 有冇相, 可唔可以俾contact number, 可唔可以出來, 有冇拍過拖. 點解唔係了解我既性格適合他們否? 好明顯係睇外表. 如果要識女仔, 有好多website係post晒相出來俾你睇, 好似yahoo都有, 咪好容易有lor, 真係奇怪.
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Hi all,
ICQ brought us to marriage. I just got married with my another half last month since I met her five years ago in ICQ. At that time, I was still in Hawaii for study, and she was in HK. I came back in 1998 and have been with since then. So I can say ICQ will have true love depends on how sincere you are.
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i think icq is a way to communicate each other. althought, there are a lot cheater over there, you can still find a true love over there. i met my BF in icq and we have been dating for 4 years . rite now i am in USA and he is studying in another country.
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但係我地感情仲好好, 已經5個月喇....
大家都真係認真, 相信有將來.........
sure is true love!!!!!!
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I have some friends who got marry with their netfreinds.
but what I want to remain you all is many bad guys are on the Internet, you should understand the guys carefully before you fall in love with them, I am a loser in net love stuff, I lost 2 times already. I started to not believe guys now, because of these two failure. and now, I got a very good friend from internet now, we meet few times, i know he likes/loves me, and i am interested in him, but i dont want to fall in love again. coz i still feel hurt and scare abt guys...

dont think that others sucessful with internet love, and u believe u will be one of them, keep deep eyes on the guys before u take actions.
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Well, not only guys. Many girls don't tell the truth either. Time can prove everything. U can meet alot of friend online, and u don't have to fall in love in a month.
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Have you ever seen one piece?
see 右就會有Love
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maybe no
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Hey, you know what ... when girls said they are 23 in ICQ, they may be 33 ah.
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I only like believe cyber sex thru net
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