Help...I still can''t forget about him

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Hi all, I have a very rare story to tell...and I hope you guys can give me some advice.

When I was very young, I had a huge crush on this guy. I was very happy that I had met him. It was the best moment in my life. Unfortunately, something happened between us and we never talked again. And later, because we went to different schools, we didn't see each other anymore and we lost contact eventually. But, I have never been able to forget about him. After more than 10 years, I would still think of him and miss him occasionally. Many times, I feel that my feeling towards him is still quite strong. And recently, I finally found him through the internet. There are many times, I just wanted to let him know that I have never forgotten all about him. But I guess I would scare him if I tell him that. I just don't know what to do...why do I still have a feeling for him after these many years? Do I have a problem? Am I sick?

One thing that I’m worried about is…will I keep thinking of him the rest of my life? Even after I get married (I actually do have a very stable bf)? I actually don’t want to forget about him, because he was a very sweet guy; however, sometimes I wish I could forget him all.

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I you do have a bf now, then I will suggest you to forget about that man thoroughly. Since you've never seen him for so many years, and what your mind thinking about him is only the lost memories. Do you know how he is now? People change, things change. And the point is, you now have a stable bf who treats you nicely though. If you ask yourself if that's a sickness, I would say probably not. But your mind just keep letting yourself to think about that is a perfect man for you. So, be good to you bf now.
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the first word below is an ' If '
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ur heart never giveup about him coz u feel that was a bad ending for u and him, u might be really wanted to be with him but u can't......and not anymore.

it's over ten yrs anyways.......let it go.........!

the most important things is now and the future, but not the past.
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Thank you. You all are good people...
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