When a girl comes to my house and sleeps

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When a girl comes to my house and sleeps on my bed

When a girl comes to my house and sleeps on my bed, what is the chance that she likes me? and what is the chance that she wants to make love with me??

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佢只係好眼訓 x_x
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I agree with Gideon, and I think maybe "Guest" think a little too much la.. or is it that you like the girl?
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哈哈﹐你諗得簡單D 咪佢太眼訓之嘛。我同意GIDEON講法
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So what did you do to her? I am very interested about this.
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well, she was sleeping in my bed, but she wasn't sleepy, coz she was talking to me while lying in my bed. I didn't do much,
just chatting with her. Then I was tried and slept next to her, and was still trying to chat with me, but I went asleep already. Actually, I know she likes me already, so she asked me to go to movie and other places before. But I think it is not right to make love with her (or maybe I dont have the confident to start). My question is, at that time, whether she really wants to give me indication to make love or not.
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I am studying oversea, so I have lots of chance to meet girls at uni. And my friends told me several girls (about 7-8) like me and I am a good friend of them too. I went to many places with them before (only me and one girl each time) and we are very closed and we slept(just sleeping, nothing else) in the same bed in hotel too. But I dont have a gf, since I am always shy. My question is, if a girl wants to sleep with a boy on the same bed, does she want to make love? Am I very stupid and very 'side料' ??? please tell me if you were me, what would u do ?
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世上有這有free lunch嗎。一定有﹐但你有沒有這樣的行運呢﹖﹖自己想想吧。
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hi Chi,
Yes, you are right. I am thinking like that myself too, so I didn't do anything to those girls before.
from GUEST
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你唔係唔做。 你係唔知點做O者。
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