Should I care about his history?

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I have a bf who had sex with his female friend (but not his gf) before we became lovers. I found this out one day so I asked him, but he denied it. So I tried my best to find the answer out and I finally found that it was true. I am very sad after I know this.
Do you think I should mind his past? Can anyone suggest a way that I can forget about this and try to be happy with him? He is treating me very nice and I don't know if I should break up w/him because of that.
Please help me!

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過左去啦, 正如依位人兄所講.
佢唔想你亂諗唶.. 依家對你好就 ok 啦
唔好再追問佢喇, 依0的野 ( 我諗 ) 大多數人都唔鍾意成日提起

不過普通朋友都有關係, 真係要諗諗.
Good Luck !
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我都吹妳唔漲o既...Good Luck !
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Thank you for your responses. I think you guys really help. I also think I shouldn't think or try to find out more about their past. However, I don't know why I always think about it and make myself sad. :( Maybe I am helpless. Give me some time, I am sure I will forget about it and only care about our present time and future.
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岩, 我都覺咁易就同人 xx 咁對第時個 gf 好唔公平.
( If 佢冇同人 xx 的話 )
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Yes, it is very 好唔公平 to me. But what can I do? I am in love with him and he is treating me good.
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Michelle,I tell you my story, hope I can help you!!
I went out with my BF 6 years ago, because I have to move
to UK, so we finished our relationship, but now we are back
together!! He's over HK and I'm in UK (becasue my family is
over here), I wanted to know what's been going on throughout
this six years, but I wouldn't dare to ask, but I'm afraid
the history would hurt me! But, he told me roughly what's
been going on, I just wanted to tell you, if you really love
him, you shouldn't care about his past!!
Like my BF, he got two GFs before he going back out with me
my I care about it and I'm jealous as well, but this is
past, you two should forget about it!! The most important
thing is how you two feel while you are together??? If you
think he's the right one, then go for it girl!!
What's been happened is already happened, you couldn't
change the past, I think you have your own history as well,
so why couldn't you forget about his history??? As soon as,
you two are loving each others!!
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小 敏 , I understand.. yah I have past too, but then I always think that it's not as serious as his... because I've never had any boyfriend before.. Your boyfriend is good because at least he told you what happened. But my boyfriend didn't even admit it when I asked him. He still lies about it till now, so I pretend I don't know too. But sometimes it really hurts when I hear his lies over and over again. Therefore, I usually try to avoid that topic and talk something else. That is because I still love him and care about him even he has that past. I think the hardest thing to do now is to ease my mind so that I don't think about it anymore. Somehow that "picture" keeps showing up in my mind and it hurts me.
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Michelle, I understand what you are talking about, even my
BF hasn't had sex with his ex, but I still jealous,
although he's saying he got no feel towards her, but I don't
like this because I'm jealous!!!
Yes, he did tell me what's been going on, but I still don't
like to think about it, we are thinking to get marry, but
I still don't like his past!! Same as me, I got my own
history, my situation is totally oppsite as you!! I had sex
with my ex, my BF is quite traditional, but he forgive me
and he did really put that history down and forget about it!
You are saying he still lie to you, well can't you put it
this way, probably he doesn't even wanted to think back about
this, or he did that by mistake!!! He probably has his own
reason by hiding it away from you, if he wanted to tell you,
you don't need to ask and he will tells you all about it!!
Give him sometime, he probably will tell you at the end,
as soon as you know he loves you, it doesn't really matter
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=) 小 敏, ok.. I will try. Thank you.. if you don't mind, can we be ICQ friend?
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My ICQ number is 51414491
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