Questions to BOYS !!!!

中學記者 27-11-200401:01 pm#1

IF you guys broke up with your girl friend in what situation that you will chase her again???
Is this possible??
I broke up with my boyfriend without third parties. We have problems between us and also our families don't like us in love with someone..
You think will it possible that we will together again in future ????

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中學記者 27-11-200401:02 pm#2

最要緊的是......妳還愛她嗎 ?
他還愛妳嗎 ?
中學記者 27-11-200401:03 pm#3

why not???
it 's possible for u together with him again...
if u know the problem is just between u and him... then that's ok...
no one will know what happen in the future...
u can change yrself for him .. and also he can change himeself for u...
my situation is same as u ...but i think.. at first... u should give some time
for each other ...Good Luck!
中學記者 27-11-200401:03 pm#4

trust yourself
中學記者 27-11-200401:03 pm#5

I want to trust myself too!! Of course I want to in love with him again cos
I still hv. feeling to him. But my QUESTION is "will guys chase thier ex. GF again
if they meet later ?
I think i keep hurting myself again and again, how can I still thinking of him!!
中學記者 27-11-200401:04 pm#6

Tell him how you feel...
I don't think it's not possible that you both
will get together.But if you like him now,you should tell him.
Let him know how you feel.He might understand.
I have friends who are like that ,too.They were broke up
before,but now are together.But if you first to suggest to
break up, you should say to him "can we get back together again."
中學記者 27-11-200401:04 pm#7

broke up la
don't need to think
maybe u will find a better bf later
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