Thanksgiving Day

MayMay 26-11-200408:21 pm#16

鹹魚 26-11-200408:22 pm#17

have you tried to contact me by icq?
MayMay 26-11-200408:23 pm#18

I don't use icq .
鹹魚 26-11-200408:25 pm#19

hmmm, how to read your phone number
7194828 should be the local number
so what is 55699 and 469394
oh, 9394, I recall the joke -- what is your phone number, it's 709394 :-)
MayMay 26-11-200408:28 pm#20

7194828 is not my phone number. I just made up the number!!
鹹魚 26-11-200408:29 pm#21

see, how can I truss you, naughty girl
MayMay 26-11-200408:29 pm#22

55699 read it out in English
got it?
鹹魚 26-11-200408:30 pm#23

So, why did you come to this web site?
MayMay 26-11-200408:31 pm#24

Why? I don't know!
鹹魚 26-11-200408:31 pm#25

55699 read it out in English
got it?

ha, ha, no only naughty, but dirty too...
MayMay 26-11-200408:31 pm#26

What is 灌水預防機制?
鹹魚 26-11-200408:32 pm#27

so 469394 must be
MayMay 26-11-200408:32 pm#28

no no I want your baby 55699

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鹹魚 26-11-200408:36 pm#29

looks like 尾尾郡主真係想做女"祥"人, reading old messages..

What is 灌水預防機制?
That is a timer set to restrict multiple message sending (like pouing water).
E.g., in the beginning, each message must be at least three minutes apart from the previous one.
I don't think there is any limit now.
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