How can I know?

中學記者 11-11-200406:33 am#1

We are good for each other, and we are good friends....
He sometimes gives me little gifts, and so do I.
I am sure that i love him, though i havent admitted or told anyone.
But how can I know what he is thinking?

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中學記者 11-11-200406:34 am#2

did he give little gifts to the other friends also?
as you are sure you love him, then just tell him, don't let the chance gos..maybe he's the same as you
中學記者 11-11-200406:34 am#3

i am not sure abt this,
but, maybe being friends is the best relation between us bor,
really fear that he will be frightened!
u think he is same as me?
中學記者 11-11-200406:35 am#4

maybe la......still have such opportunity ma....u can ask him indirectly to see whether he has the same feeling as you, at least you know the answer....
中學記者 11-11-200406:35 am#5

how to ask him indirectly ar?
i am not close with his friends, and so does he ar.....
中學記者 11-11-200406:36 am#6

Ask him.

How can it be any simplier than that?
中學記者 11-11-200406:36 am#7

既然喜歡…點解要比機會白白流走 ?

中學記者 11-11-200406:37 am#8

but i dont know id that really a chance,
maybe he just see me as a friend only,
i fear that i will frighten him
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