I still like that girl since pri school

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since i had been sat next with that girl in primary school, i already have a feeling to her....but i didn't say too much and peer at her because i was afraid....don't know why... just always think about her ... still now ....but now everything has changed, she and I have moved away from HK to two different places for several years....fortunately, i found her icq here so now we can talk to each other sometimes, however, she still don't know that i like her. but it is fine to me.

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so poor? well...i guess u should tell her some day. u can't just hide ur
feelings for her in ur heart. o個天都 give u a chance to find her here,
that's mean u and her 有緣啦... think about it, if u keep on hiding ur feelings,
do u think that girl will find out someday herself?! if so, maybe u r already
too late. so go for it now. otherwise u might really have to be her FRIEND
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我亦都搵到佢的icq no.,但我都無勇氣去add佢,只係有時send咭比佢,但
中學記者 10-11-200403:18 pm#4

thanx for reply me but still... i fear she not gonna talk to
me nomore if she find out ...sigh
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