St Mary's Church Primary Sch (1965)

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Looking for classmates in the captioned school. My name is Tong Shiu Yuen. Anybody knows the where about of Miss Wong Yee Wah. We were sitting next together in P4(1963) and was separated after a school fighting. The teacher then changed my seat to the last row reserved for bad students.. I recalled that memory after watching the movie 'You are the apple in my eye". I am looking forward to hearing from her and other classmates. I want to thank Miss Wong Yee Wah for her pure and innocent care and support of me at that difficult time when the school was about to expel me from school. I hope a miracle can happen that I can say these to her face to face. Please help!! I can be contacted at e-mail: or in facebook : Daniel Tong ( can be searched with the mentioned e-mail address).

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